Growth Studies: Brianna Reid

After getting hit the growth-inducing ray, Doctor Brianna Reid becomes the biggest plastic surgeon in town


The mysterious growth study cases keep going up. This time it’s Dr. Brianna Reid’s turn, the best plastic surgeon in the whole city.

When she gets git by the growth-inducing ray right in between two patient appointments she starts to grow uncontrollably, ripping her way through her clothes and shoes. Now, thanks to the growth study, she’s not only the best plastic surgeon in town but the biggest as well.

Official Publisher's Review

Let the “Growth Studies” keep on coming, shall we?! After the previous success of “Growth Studies: Penelope Estrada”, Shoshanna P. had to revisit this wonderful universe of random growing ladies all over the world. This time she thought it was time to study the growth of a well-known doctor that is no stranger to transformation processes, Dr. Brianna Taylor, the best (and biggest) plastic surgeon in town.

This all-time great series of One-Shots keeps getting bigger and bigger and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Be sure to leave us your comments down below and tell us which Growth Study would you like to see next!

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