The Medallion

College student Cody is given a medallion necklace that makes women want to fuck him!


Cody has a lust for big breasted blondes, but he doesn’t have much luck with the ladies so he usually has to masturbate his desires away. On the way to college he finds himself down on his luck at a restaurant. When an older man chokes on his food, Cody rescues him. As a token of appreciation the man gives Cody a medallion necklace that ends up opening many new pussies for Cody’s cock to go through!

Official Publisher's Review

“The Medallion” is the debut Bimbo story from Richmond Alderbridge. It’s a fun story of Cody Bishop, a lovable loser with a love of big breasted blondes in porn. If you like humorous stories with sympathetic characters, “The Medallion” is a story you’ll want to read!

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