Heavenly Boobies

An Angel and a Demon come to Earth fighting over a halo. Their battle brings forth growth of the breast and body varieties!


When an Angel and a Demon plummet to Earth fighting over a halo, all Hell breaks loose! The halo has many powerful properties as one farmer girl discovers when she holds it her boobs grow to gigantic proportions. Things take a dire turn when the Demon gains the halo causing the sky to blacken and fire to rain down, burning anything it touches! The Angel arrives and the fight for the halo continues anew as the military comes in to stop the two supernatural beings! This story contains BREAST EXPANSION and BODY GROWTH!

Official Publisher's Review

In the sixth breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, Heavenly Boobies is an action packed good versus evil story. An Angel and a Demon plummet to Earth fighting over a halo- one to save the world and the other to destroy it. If you like well written stories with lots of action, high stakes, supernatural themes, along with breast enlargements and giant women fighting, this is a story for you!

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