Stopping at the Save-N-Swell

Pete and Warren stop at a very unusual drugstore on the way back from a comic convention and lose themselves.


Pete and Warren have been making the drive to out of state comic conventions since they were teenagers. Many years have passed but the enjoyment never has grown any less. The fun of comics has always been the stories and the characters. Stories where an evil hidden supervillain captures scantily clad vixens and subjects them to his will is something any man can enjoy, and in comics, the women are always well endowed.

So imagine the surprise when Pete stops in some middle of nowhere town to visit a drugstore and discovers he and Warren are surrounded by the most gorgeous women either have ever seen. The Save-N-Swell seems odd enough just in the name, but once inside, Pete and Warren find themselves getting lost in a perversion that is quickly overtaking them both.

Is this the work of hormones or is this caused by whaterver mysterious force seems to be watching them over the security cameras? Find out that, and find out just what miracles can happen to enhance a female form as you join Pete and Warren, Stopping at the Save-N-Swell.

Official Publisher's Review

Stopping at the Save-N-Swell is a comic book mystery, a classic mixing of two average guys who stumble upon a world where every women is perfect looking and completely dedicated to being eye candy and more for any male who might look their way. The question in the story is just what has caused all this and where will a simple wandering of a drugstore lead these two average guys?

The methods of transformation and change are as varied in this story as ever and include everything from the subtle to the in your face comical humor expected. Yet there remains an underlying story that isn’t so much told as it is very slowly revealed, a story that never fully is uncovered for the reader, leading them to choose for themselves what these two main characters have stumbled onto.

Blending mystery with humor with growing characters all over, Stopping at the Save-N-Swell is another epic story that can leave readers wondering what happens next.

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