Dragon Balls

A bitchy princess with inflated self-worth goes too far in her pranking & meanness, incurring her servant & family's rage.


Within the hidden, mystical city of Beilong Wang sequestered high in the mountains of ancient China. There lives a beautiful princess beloved by all within the land. A princess with a bad attitude. Ren Beilong, crowned imperial successor to the throne and chosen designate by Beilong’s guardian entity Lao Shen Ra the ever protectorate, harbors a fair and alluring disposition on the outside but caries a burrowing thorn studded vine around her heart on the inside. Vain, malicious, self-centered and conniving; she spends most of her days of lavish lifestyle tormenting everyone within the kingdom, be they familial servant or blood relative, for cruel sport. One day she goes to far with her put downs when insulting her most faithful butler’s faith in the guardian; who plots humorous & sexy vengeance with her younger brother against the haughty royal.

Official Publisher's Review

The Dragons Balls is a charming tale of sameness, change and breaking of the cycle’s that bind and shackle us. A mean spirited princess whose biting nature chips away to reveal a vulnerable lonesome side, a doting and kindly peasant boy who violently unravels into a nesting-doll of every shade of rage when his most cherished beliefs are cruelly stepped on by the woman he loves, a doting but mischievous scamp in a hurry to grow up while looking out for him and his own. All of whom sharing, in their own way, a love for the city which they call home. Eventually coming to realize despite all differences they work better together without personal baggage in the way and when they have a common goal.

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