Glamstra – The Power of Buxoma COMIC


In an homage to certain formative cartoons of the 80s, xCuervos brings us an exciting new setting and heroine with Glamstra, Empress of Moundsmost We join Glamstra and her faithful companions mid-chase, and she finds a magic circlet destined to bestow the great powers of Buxoma on its bearer. What Glamstra doesn’t know is that while she might have looked like a mighty warrior, Buxoma was a sex-crazed bimbo! How will Glamstra’s new powers save her kingdom? Tune in this week to find out!


Taking a trip back to the 80s, Glamstra: The Power of Buxoma introduces us to a new yet familiar heroine, with sexy twists! Who didn’t have feelings awakened within them when they first saw a magical girl transformation? If you’re hoping to see a busty, musclebound Amazon with a total bimbo twist, this is the story for you! Getting right into the action, xCuervos’ latest story opens with breast expansion, muscle growth and bimbo transformation. A trio of well-hung, monstrous oafs are pitted against our bimbo heroine, and this story does not disappoint with the cheesecake and sex! Glamstra is a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to her future adventures!

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