A Kiss

What would you do if your kisses could transform a woman?


Hermes is a god. Fred is a ninja assassin feared throughout the world.
Nah. Just kidding. Fred is so pathetic that even the nerds reject his membership. But Hermes really IS a god. One of the greats of ancient Greece. So What do Hermes and Fred have in common? A business deal. Fred keeps the gods entertained, and in return Hermes grants Fred the power to shape the reality of those around him. With a few arbitrary rules to keep things interesting, of course. If Fred takes Hermes up on the offer, Fred can control the hearts and minds, body and soul of anyone he kisses, but only as long as he keeps kissing them. If Fred stops kissing, their reality stops changing and Fred can never change them again. Of course Fred’s not much of a catch so his kissing opportunities are quite limited…

Official Publisher's Review

Why should Master PC get all of the Greek Drama? William Pratt seeks to even the scales a bit with some supernatural expansion and ups the anti by throwing in real live Greek Gods. Life hasn’t been treating the ancient gods of Greece and Rome so well since the rise of Christianity and they are BORED! So bored that they are meddling in the affairs of mortals again on a limited scale.
How limited?
Now THAT’S limited.

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