A Pirate’s Life

The captain of an all female pirate crew finds herself cursed to have her bosom grow whenever she - or her crew - steals... enormous breasts ensue.


Scarlet the Red is one of the most famous pirates in the whole world. Leading an all-female pirate crew, she sails the seas in the hunt for any treasures and riches she and her girls can get their hands on. One day, after another epic victory in the high seas, her crew finds a distinct medallion that says to be cursed. Scarlet quickly dismisses this, since she’s been sailing enough time to believe that curses do not exist. However, this time the curse is very much real, and soon enough Scarlet finds herself getting expanded by the mysterious curse.

Official Publisher's Review

A pirate captain finds herself struck by a mysterious curse that causes her blossoms to grow after she or her crew steals something. What a way to live for a pirate huh? Will Scarlet manage to break the expanding curse? Can her crew resist the urge to steal? And how big will Scarlet get before sinking her own ship?

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