The Collars COMIC


Underpaid and underappreciated, Marcus works hours that are too long at Orthrus Securities. His boss treats him like dirt, and she only gets away with it because her father owns the company. Marcus’ best friend is his dog, and certainly not his overbearing fashion model neighbor who only visits to eat his food and vent about her problems! Marcus stumbles upon a box of high-tech mind control collars, and finds his luck suddenly change for the better. With a few simple words, women will be throwing themselves at him!


In a story we can all relate to, Marcus hates his job, hates his boss, and lives next to a beautiful girl that he could never have. Things change when he discovers a delivery meant for an unseen technology company. xCuervos captures the end to a bad day at work that turns around with an unexpected visit and a hot sex scene. While most mind control stories focus on the brainwashing aspect, this one frames this situation as a complete power of suggestion. Marcus is unsure about his new ability, but is that going to last long?

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