Getting High

Five friends are interested in partying, but after one of them gets given some strange weed, they get really HIGH.



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It’s a Friday night and what else is there to do but party in a small college campus on the edge of the city? Unfortunately for Lanny and his friends, the party kinda sucks. There’s no beer and definitely no weed to improve the feel of this get together. Thanks to Lanny’s mentioning of pot, Sasha, the female troublemaker in their little close knit circle of friends decides to make a proposal.

Lanny gets the crazy guy they see in a nearby alley to give them whatever he’s been smoking and if the girls all get really high, then both guys can take their turns doing whatever they like. It’s a game of course. Lanny and his buddy Mitch know it is, but still on a bored Friday night what better to do than call their bluff. The only unexpected thing is just where this little guy in the alley came from and what his special weed will do when smoked.

Back at the rich and proper girl, Lucy’s home, the private party gets going and this is one that will blow the roof off any other party in town, literally. It’s all out of control and Lanny finds himself struggling to make things right before he gets busted by the cops for getting girls higher than a kite and hornier than whores.

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