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Incognito: Agent GTS COMIC


Time has passed since the fall of The Org. Andrea now works as a very special freelance agent, no one else has the ability to simultaneously be so stealthy and so destructive.  Andrea finds herself in the unforgiving tundra of Russia.  Her current mission is to infiltrate a highly dangerous Russian base to steal top secret data.  Sadly to Andrea’s dismay, the mission requires stealth to secure said data.  Luckily, the data is soon transfered with very minimal effort.  Andrea revels in anticipation and joy, for it is now the time to unleash the sexual goddess within her. Before the Russian guards could even react, the base fills up with a dangerously lustful titaness….


Andrea’s story continues after a fairly long time off in Incognito Agent GTS.  Stakes are going to be higher in this story than it was in the first Incognito.  Andrea is going to be up against way fiercer foes that can actually challenge a giantess.  The first Incognito was rather lacking in this regard, as once Andrea grew, nothing could stop her.  Additionally the sex and growth action is going to be ramped up as well, when before it was only Andrea who grew.  Other women are going to grow in Agent GTS as a new kind of espionage, involving growing giantesses, unfolds to change the world forever.  Incognito Agent GTS is perfect mix of plot and porn that readers are sure to enjoy thoroughly in the growing agents not so stealthy return.

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