Beyond the Law: Out of Bond

Tessa returns and is linked to her arch-nemesis!


Prison is not always what it seems, sometimes it can be . . .sexy? You might think this is wrong, but that’s what it looks like in this first episode of Beyond The Law: Out of Bond. Tessa now small, weak, and powerless. She can not help but struggle as her vitals are taken by her doctor to make sure her growth powers are suppressed. Humiliated, Tessa is left to wallow in her anger while her Doctor mocks her and departs. Suddenly it happen, Tessa starts to grow again! How is even possible? She was supposed to be cured! At the same time, Maggie finds herself growing as well…

Official Publisher's Review

It’s time to continue one of the most popular series in all of Botcomics. After its great adventures, Beyond The Law is back with everything to tell a HUGE story full of transformations and interesting characters. This time from the hand of J.J. McQuade, we will take up the previous adventures of the previous saga. Beyond the Law: Out on Bond continues where the series left off. The story features plenty of growth, sex, and giantess action the viewers are bound to enjoy. The dynamic between Tessa and Height Swap Girl will be explored in detail throughout the series. Will she ever learn from her mistakes? Or will she just shamelessly enjoy everything she finds? Let’s find out together!

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  1. I would wish for more breast expansion comics and fewer giantess comics in the future. there are too many of them. very bad. the earlier spells r us comics or bessys acres with big ass and boobs were so much better.

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Beyond the Law: Out of Bond #1

Tessa returns and is linked to her arch-nemesis!

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