Seeds of Sam COMIC


In the mood for horror and superb sex? This Halloween season, Botcomics has you covered, with ten pulse-pounding pages of lust, transformation, and thrills! Join Sam as she brings out her inner demons, growing bigger and more monstrous as she dives into corruption. Consumed with a primal need and need for satisfaction, she’ll embrace her supernatural changes, seducing passersby, unleashing hell along the way. What’s the haunting season without a little sour to go with the sweetness? Breast expansion, giant women, tentacles, cum inflation– it’s all here waiting for you! Open if you dare!


Happy Halloween from BotComics! We’ve got your seasonal dose of spooky and sinister. In this special holiday issue packed full of sex, transformation, fetishes, and surprises, take a walk on the strange side and enjoy Sam’s changing corruption. A cougar on the prowl, her body changes each passing October day, turning her into a living wet-nightmare. She can’t be satisfied, and her lust knows no bounds. Readers beware– this issue is sure to be one especially scary, sexy issue you *won’t* want to miss, armed to the tooth with all of your favorite fetishes, bimbos, thick Milfs, heavy tits, cum, and pleasure. Happy Haunting!

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