A working woman gets a coveted job and uses her growing breasts and ass to keep improving her quality of life.


Career woman Tasha Mounds is embarrassed of her large tits and ass and has spent her life since college trying to hide them. But on the day of interviewing for a prestigious job all of her usual hiding techniques come undone, much to her dismay. But she soon learns that her assets aren’t a burden after all and could possibly take her farther in life than she ever imagined!

Official Publisher's Review

The third breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, Tiggobitties is a fun tale about a career woman who is embarrassed about her family trait of growing bigger breasts and buttocks when aroused.  If you enjoy well written BE stories, humour, fun characters, and especially a fetish for a hot ebony protagonist, then you need to buy a copy of Tiggobitties TODAY!

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