Dr. Hooters

The exclusive comic adaptation of the classic BE saga has arrived to celebrate 20 years and the relaunching of BEArchive.com
Dr. Hooters


The exclusive comic adaptation of the classic BE saga has arrived to celebrate 20 years and the relaunching of BeArchive. Watch as Jill Clayton’s chest expands to mammoth proportions as she bests her rival and fellow lab-mate Julie Heatherwick. As Jill discovers the secret to controlling her breast-size, she’ll need to keep her wits about her if she hopes to further understand her condition.

Official Publisher's Review

Before the world wide web was born, when the BE Community was just an email list on USENET, the
Dr. Hooters saga was born. It is the seminal BE story, the one that started it all. Today there are hundreds of BE stories that are derivatives of the original Dr. Hooters concept — breast-obsessed scientists experimenting with drugs that end up causing breast expansion, either on purpose or by accident. The original concept was born here, however, in the first Dr. Hooters chapter. The entire BE community responded to the publication by continuing the original story in 60 subsequent chapters, each building on the original concept and characters. Numerous sub-fetishes were explored with each new publication on the usenet email list and entire new settings and scenarios were created. But the core concept, outrageous breast expansion, remained as the core focus of the series.

With the release of the Dr. Hooters comic, J.J. McQuade has illustrated in 3 parts, the original Dr. Hooters Chapter 1. We finally get to see an artist’s rendering of Jill Clayton and her first expansion and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a comic adaptation that is a faithful representation of the original story. And just like the original series takes its time to present the conflict and the story, so does this adaptation. But when we arrive at the expansion scenes J.J. McQuade doesn’t disappoint. The only complaint we have is that we want to keep reading. There are 60 more Dr. Hooters chapters waiting for J.J. McQuade to continue illustrating.

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