Big Girls Don’t Cry

A fat woman desperate to be thin joins a clinical trial with gigantic results!


Though she works out as much as she can (with a trainer she has a crush on), Susan still isn’t losing weight as quickly as she would like. Tired of eating salads every meal and being teased by strangers at every turn, Susan turns to an obesity clinical trial testing an experimental new drug. Every night afterwards, Susan grows more and more catching the attention of the media and even the world’s tallest man all the way from Germany. Sadly not all attention is good attention and soon Susan is stuck in someone’s nefarious plan.

Official Publisher's Review

“Big Girls Don’t Cry” semi-serious yet fun story from Richmond Alderbridge about a young woman who tries her best to lose weight, but can’t.  The story shows the pros and cons of having a strong will and going for what you want along with the blessings and curses that comes from naivety.  If you like stories with slow growth along with sympathetic characters, buy “Big Girls Don’t Cry” today!

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