Educational Endowments

In a preparation for college class, six students have to earn their future through breast enlargement!


In a Breakfast Club type situation, six students who barely graduated high school have to take a special class to determine their placement in college or if they have to repeat senior year of high school. Separated into three male/female partnerships, they have to work together to reach the best grade. As extra incentive, their teacher Miss Hooters added a special side effect where breast growth or shrinkage results from their exam scores! Can the students put aside their differences to pass? Or will they get MUCH MORE than they anticipated with this class? Note: This story features graphic sex and BE from the tiny to GIGANTIC proportions!

Official Publisher's Review

Being the fifth breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, Educational Endowments is a fun and lighthearted story of six students crippled in some way by their high school experiences, forced to move past their previous personas to become well rounded college students. If you like your stories well written and filled to the brim with humour, fun characters, various varieties of sex, and breast enlargements that go from tiny/normal to EPIC/GIGANTIC proportions, buy a copy of Educational Endowments today!

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