The Meadebower Incident COMIC


In 1924, the Meadebower Expedition set out to explore an uncharted island somewhere in the western Atlantic. Every member was tragically lost to mysterious circumstances. The only surviving account of the events surrounding their disappearance is in the late Dr. Meadebower’s journal, which speaks of extraordinary things on the island. A new team, led by the daring explorer Mr. Bridger has set out to pick up where the Meadebower team left off. They are accompanied by a well-armed team of mercenaries, and backed by the US Government, but the island has something (and someone!) big in store for them.


It’s King Kong meets Attack of the 50 ft Woman, with a dash of Indiana Jones! The Meadebower Incident opens with a mysterious flashback detailing a lost expedition to a jungle island. xCuervos’ first entry into giantess fiction sets the stage for an unexpected rescue operation that goes predictably awry, but leads to our first encounter with Abbie. She was an ordinary girl who disappeared with the first explorers, but after surviving alone in the jungle for 12 years, she has grown up…and up…and up… This explosive first issue contains a mystery, two monstrous avians, and one big heroine.

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