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James “The Captain” is an old legend in the porn industry. Now his charms and good shape are a thing of the past. With no place in the new industry, he must stay with the only producer available: Maggie X. She also happens to be his ex-wife, who only gives him secondary roles behind Freddy “The Bigger,” newer revelation male pornstar, who also does all the hardcore scenes with Nevada, James girlfriend. Maggie X sure knows how to make her ex-husband pay.

What the old “Captain” doesn’t know is that his luck is about to change, when he stumbles upon by accident with his best friend’s experiment formula which  is capable of enlarging any part of the human body.


James “The Captain”, an old washed out male pornstar who is trying to live the harsh present while wishing to have the good old days back, whe he was young, athletic and the favorite among the actresses in the insdustry. Follow the story of this old fella, and discover how he (with a little luck and a BIG determination) fights back to relevance in the new growing adult industry.

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