Remote Chaos

The most powerful device in the universe... In the hands of a baby!


After a six-year absence, the polyversal remote control resurfaces and falls right into Bobby’s lap. This sounds like a typical plot set-up, right? Young man gets magical, reality-changing device and goes on a rampage of bimbofication and large-scale breast expansion. But Bill Pratt would never serve up such an overused plot, would he? Of course not! Bobby is about a year old. What is a toddler going to do with the awesome powers of the remote? The same as anyone else granted infinite power: Whatever he wants!

Official Publisher's Review

It has been a long time in coming, but Bill Pratt returns to the wonder and insanity that is the polyversal remote control. Picking up years after Remote out of Control, the reader will see that not much has changed while they’ve been gone other than a change of ownership as the remote falls into new hands and a rampaging toddler now wields nigh-infinite power with unpredictable results. Conscious deliberation enters the story through his babysitter, a heartbroken and bitter young lady working her way through the horror of being dumped by her boyfriend in favor of the head cheerleader. Can she do a better job with the remote than her predecessors or will she wind up little more than a busty and brainless sex toy?

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