Moo-nica’s Amoo-zing Adventure

Monica and Bill are on the show, Amazing Adventure. After drinking some Moo Jooce in India, truly amazing things happen.


Amazing Adventure is just the latest in the popular travel the world competition reality shows, hosted by the lovely Kaylie King and featuring couples who travel the world, racing from challenge to challenge to ultimately hope for the two million dollar prize. Monica and Bill have just come in last place on a stretch of the competition that takes them to India and have been spared elimination. Of course they have everything to lose on the next part of the competition and Monica might just end up gaining more than she loses. Grabbing a beverage from a street vendor at the beginning of their next stretch of Amazing Adventure, Monica chugs it down hoping for some added pep to her steps. What she gets is added weight to her chest and an entirely changed perspective on what she wants from this competition. Moo Jooce might seem a silly named and overly colorful bottle of some Indian drink, but this drink packs more than just calories, resulting in rapid changes for Monica and an ending that might just be better than winning two million dollars.

Official Publisher's Review

From the author comes a quick romp of a tale that provides a short and satisfying drink in the form of Moo Jooce, the latest Kris P. Kreme concoction. Monica is an athletic and strong competitor in a reality series complete with camera man who tags along as she and her longterm boyfriend attempt to travel the world. Her athleticism might just be a thing of the past when she drinks something that does more for her figure than her energy level. Naturally, the pacing is rapid fire in a short comic tale such as this, the race of competition actually fitting for such a quick story, and the rather intense side effects of Monica’s simple choice of beverage sure to satisfy those who just want to see the growth taking place. Most of the reaction and enjoyment comes from supporting characters such as the boyfriend, Bill, who seems competitive and supportive but can’t seem to figure out what is happening with his girlfriend. Then there is the camera man, solely there as comic relief. Overall, a story that shows it doesn’t take an epic to establish exotic settings and fun likable characters, along with some humorous and hot expansion that will leave readers with a milk mustache.

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