The Origin of Super Bimbo

This is the birth of a new super heroine, Super Babe, who fights for truth and justice the arousing way.


Suzi Spice is young, beautiful and feisty as all hell. She knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to go after it. She has a boyfriend, Dennis, and whether she wishes to acknowledge it or not, she’s also lusted after by her BFF, Cassie Kennedy.

One late evening when her boyfriend swerves his car in order to avoid hitting a deer on a country road, Suzi and Dennis’s life is suddenly altered completely. Suzi wakes up on an alien spacecraft… having drawn the attention of the Universe’s Protection Force. Suzi is recruited to be more than just a mere human… much more… and thanks to Alien technology, she is now capable of physically transforming herself into Earth’s newest super heroine!

“This is a job for Super Babe!” Suzi proclaims, and like magic, her body transforms into a voluptuous blonde babe with super speed and super strength… but also a few other things, like a revved up super libido. So, it’s a good thing that the aliens’ have equipped Suzi’s boyfriend with the tools to keep the horny super heroine very much satisfied.

Official Publisher's Review

This is a action packed, sex feast, mystery… set at a County Fair.  In addition, it has horse racing, fair games, and fairgoers, and the brand new super heroine, Super Babe.  Thanks to aliens, and alien devices, there are physical transformations… and thanks to Super Babe, there are feats of amazing super powers, which lead to some serious ass-kicking.  This tale isn’t the usual JR Parz tale, but in fact a comedy and a parody.  Although there is no mind control, there is a ton of out-of-control arousal, male-female and female-female sex.  Join this thrilling ride with Suzi Spice aka Super Babe, and a whole slew of characters from the Tri-County Fair security team as they navigate from one highly erotic transformation to another.  Someone is turning beautiful young women into bimbo nymphomaniacs!  But look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird… It’s a plane… Nope.  It’s Super Babe… and she is there to save the day, or is she?  This comic is fast paced and moves around… it is sprinkled with real comedy, something that one could actually witness at a country fair… and of course, it’s also loaded with bimbo fun of the erotic kind!  This five part tale is the creation of JR Parz, the creator of Master PC.

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