For Science! 2

Dr. Carol Wright returns to face the biggest challenge of her life.


Dr. Carol Wright is still miles tall in the aftermath of her revenge against the male dominated science community. Carol soon comes to terms that her revenge isn’t as sweet as she had anticipated. Every movement she made as a miles tall woman caused untold amounts of destruction. Recognizing her sins, Carol vowed to live a simpler life that would be devoted to helping others. Carol decided the best way to start, was to join a group that assists African villagers. Luckily for her, travel money was not required because she was able to walk to Africa due to her current size. Everything is going well, until Carol feels her body shift and spasm. Not wanting to alarm her fellow volunteers and the villagers, Carol runs to hide. Now in private, Carol winces as she feels her curves grow, grow, and grow some more.

Official Publisher's Review

For Science! finally returns for a much anticipated sequel that continues right where the first series left off.  The story follows Dr. Carol Wright overcoming challenges that are arguably greater than her height. The main challenge Carol faces throughout the story arc, is the acceptance of her sexuality.  Normally, her libido is repressed due to her focusing on her work more so than pleasure throughout her life.  When she grows, her sexual desires become unhinged and nothing can stop her from getting her huge libido satisfied.  Readers should think of For Science I and For Science II as an origin story of Carol’s character and super powers. And just like Bob Saget’s other work, this origin tale is going to feature plenty giantess sex, growth, destruction, and more.  Readers are sure to enjoy the thrilling sequel that is For Science 2!

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