Dungeon Masters

A trio of friends playing tabletop D&D gains their characters' abilities and powers while dragons are unleashed upon the city.


When three friends use an ancient set of arcane cards in their tabletop game, an evil Dragon Queen and her dragon minions are unleashed upon the city. The three friends (Dexter, Velma, and Melvin) along with Dexter’s crush (Rebecca) band together to stop the evil agenda of Giselle before she can bring a larger dragon horde to our realm to take over the world.

Official Publisher's Review

“Dungeon Masters” is a fun tale from Richmond Alderbridge where the worlds of fantasy and reality collide in amazing ways! Each of the characters discover more about themselves and what they really want along with the pleasure of using their powers and abilities from the game in their real life! Who do you identify with most? Is it half-dragon Paladin Dexter whose swordsmanship is unmatched? Maybe Ranger Velma whose accuracy is uncanny along with being able to grow into a giantess? Or is it Wizard Melvin whose magik and sorcery has no equal? Whatever your class or affiliation, enjoy “Dungeon Masters” only from your friends at BotComics!

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