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Massive COMIC


Vera had a crush on a co-worker, but on the night before deciding to ask him out, her breasts began to grow full cup sizes at random moments!  From busting out of her blouse at an outdoor restaurant, Vera ends up in random embarrassing moments and explicit sex as she looks for love during her MASSIVE journey from B-cup to Taboo proportions!  For everyone who likes EXTREME BREAST EXPANSION and HUMOROUS SEXUAL SITUATIONS, this story is for you!


In the eighth breast expansion series from lauded adult comic writer TJ Hunter, “Massive” is a semi-realistic take on what might actually happen to a woman who experiences breast expansion and the extreme situations and decisions that might need to be made for her to survive the experience.  For those who like well written stories with well rounded characters, dramatic situations, sexual situations, and slow BE over a length of time, then this is a story you need to read ASAP!

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