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Couples Therapy COMIC


Vanessa and David are given a set of strange jewelry by their couples counselor. When one feels sexual pleasure, the other one starts to grow. First the couple attend a movie premiere for Vanessa’s favorite superhero, and a surreptitious petting session in the theater causes some wardrobe malfunctions. Later, Vanessa uses the power to her advantage, causing embarrassment for David during their double date at a diner. In the final issue David and Vanessa grow and fuck their way out of the roof and walls!


“Always put your partner’s pleasure first”– the advice given to David and Vanessa by their couples therapist, before giving them a set of strange jewelry. While attending the premiere of COLOSSICA: ORIGINS, the new superhero blockbuster based on Vanessa’s favorite comic book, they find the jewelry encouraging them to explore their relationship in new ways. When one partner feels sexual pleasure, the other grows– and what starts as oblivious teasing quickly turns into building-wrecking mayhem!

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