By any Stretch of the Imagination

A Louisiana high school girl ridiculed for her height gets revenge on three tormentors using stretchable voodoo dolls.


This time Kris P. Kreme is serving up southern Louisiana charm of the black magic variety. The humiliated and ridiculed girl, this time made a mockery of due to her Amazonian size, is the heroine of the story. Yet, who really is the villain and the hero when the vengeance takes such twisted turns?

There are the three queens of the high school, even referred to as the three evils. Headed by the uber-perfect Deidre, a girl any guy would lust over mere photos of, these three seem to have forgotten their once friend as soon as she outgrew them by nearly a foot. Now the jokes and humilation have quickly become too much and their old friend Laurette is ready to make them pay.

A fast pace keeps the story moving quickly through all three parts, as each part focuses on one girl, leading up to the ultimate showing of revenge against Diedre as her crown is taken away from her. The method of growth is varied but all based around voodoo dolls and the premise that whatever happens to the doll, happens to the girl. Once again the author’s twist on voodoo is that when made of a stretchable material, the dolls don’t just control the girl’s actions, but her size as well.

By any Stretch of the Imagination is an imaginative story of the age-old truth that teens can be nothing short of pure evil, but watching them fight it out in the bizarre occult world where voodoo is real can be nothing short of pure entertainment.

Official Publisher's Review

In the South, things typically move slower and at a more relaxed pace. However, one thing remains constant no matter where one lives. Teenage girls can be evil tormentors of other girls they deem different. Humiliation always moves at a rapid rate, and never is relaxing.

Laurette LeVale is different, and while she used to be in tight with three other senior girls, after returning from her summer break a foot taller and now dwarfing them by comparison, she’s out of the old group. Being called everything from Sasquatch to a tree, Laurette is insulted, degraded and humilated by the trio of evil queens ruling over the student body, so she does what any good southern girl would do. She uses black magic to get her vengeance on the girls, voodoo style.

Laurette creates voodoo dolls of each girl, particularly focusing on what the dolls are made of, using a rubbery substance that will allow for her to not just make them react to what she does, but make them experience what are truly giant forms of punishment. The stretch of Laurette’s imagination is nothing compared to the stretching these three girls will experience, and for once, everyone will laugh and point at the three of them as the freaks they soon become.

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