Grow Cookies

With the house to themselves for the night, Maggie and Dylan plan on doing more than just homework.


Maggie and Dylan are nerdy friends– just friends they swear!– but when Maggie invites Dylan over the work on their big project for school, she has ulterior motives. She’s managed to get her hands on a batch of Grow Cookies, a new edible drug that might just bring about her wildest growth fantasies she hopes to enact before she and Dylan go their separate ways for college. Let’s just hope the neighbors don’t hear!

Official Publisher's Review

A fun, mutual growth romp featuring two nerdy friends exploring their swelling desires and bodies. Story is part of an unfolding tale with the night progressing over multiple chapters. Features breast, height, ass, penis, and muscle growth. The action focuses on tit-fucking and exploration, but there is certainly more to come!
All characters over 18.

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