My Alien Crush

From the Ideas Section! Dinner with your crush and her sexy moms? How do you say “Yes Please” in Alien?


When Deena asks Glenn if he’ll come over for dinner and help her out with something, he jumps at the chance. Not only has he had a crush on Deena for years, but her two Milf moms are ridiculously hot too. How could he say no? Maybe her moms will need some help too. He should have asked what they needed help with. Little does he realize that his crush, Deena, is an alien and the only way she can retain her human form is by ingesting human sperm—and lots of it! It’s Deena’s first time needing the Earth male’s seed, and as it turned out she has a crush on Glenn too! Glenn might think he’s in for a romantic evening with his crush, but her parents have a different plan in mind. Why should Deena have all the fun with their new Earth toy after all.

Can Glenn survive the night with three horny aliens set on stealing as much of his spunk as possible?

Official Publisher's Review

It is with great pleasure we publish “My Alien Crush,” a tale born from the BE Storyclub’s Ideas section. This has it all, hot lesbian aliens, tons of breast expansion, unsuspecting nerdy boy entrapped by a desperate alien babe. The only thing to be mindful of is there are some minor tentacle displays in this chapter, just enough to tease those who enjoy the theme.

If you liked Giantess Club’s “Mutated Life” or ever had a crush on a certain blue alien from a certain video game series, than you are in for a big treat with this chapter–one not to miss!

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