Chloe’s Blind Date

Convinced by her friend Grace to go on a blind date, Chloe discovers a secret about her dark alter ego.


Things are going well for Chloe. She’s completely devoted herself to her demonic dark side and has been progressively gathering a small group of sexual deviants under her wing. For the first time in a long time, she feels large and in charge. So when her old high school friend Grace calls her, offering a blind double date, she sees no harm in it and says yes, agreeing to meet her at a coffee house soon after. And to her surprise, the date starts off rather well. Both her, Grace, and their two dates are having a cordial time, enjoying themselves– until things start to get a little strange. More than usual, that is. Chloe discovers that all is not as it seems and that there’s a price for living such a secretly devious double life. She doesn’t get to be a succubus scot-free. What started off as a relatively pleasant coffee date quickly escalates into a chaotic sexual frenzy, leaving Chloe and Grace out of their element, forcing them to think quickly and defend themselves.

Official Publisher's Review

After the events of Chloe’s Open House and Chloe’s High School Reunion, we revisit this universe where things are never as they seem with Chloe, and life progressively gets stranger for all those around her. After the sexual debauchery that was her high school reunion, things seem to be going well for her. She’s immersed herself in being a succubus, complete with a small group of loyal sex slaves. Never in her life had she expected things to become so wonderfully sinful. In this issue, watch as Chloe agrees to a double-blind date with her best friend Grace and see what type of trouble they stir up together. A new series full of corruption, transformation, and uncontrollable lust, this is sure to be something that you don’t want to miss. Give in to your darker side and read Chloe’s Blind Date now!

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