Dr. Doe’s Devilry – Guinea Pigs

Dr. Doe, posing as a substitute professor, underhandedly transforms college students into hypersexualized animals, full of lust.


Clyde, Bess, Victor, Lizzy, and Kris are college students, waiting for a late substitute to arrive so that class can begin. But unbeknownst to them, Dr. Doe has other plans for them. Posing as their substitute teacher she enters their classroom and secretly infects Clyde with her experimental formulae. This is the first domino to fall in a sequence of bizarre events that hour.

Dr. Doe explains that these changes are brought about by any type of physical contact, watching the second student turn into moaning, needing bovine. One by one the other students meet a similar fate, each turning into their own spirit animal.

Official Publisher's Review

In this new and transformative tale from writer DeLonge (Chloe™s Open House, Life Mutated), join Dr. Doe in the first of her miscreant adventures, where she tries out her latest experimental formulae on some unknowing college students. Unable to find proper channels to test her science, Dr. Doe must turn to the unorthodox to gain more of her valuable research. Posing as a substitute instructor, she slyly proceeds to change this handful of innocent and naive young adults into anthropomorphic versions of their spirits animals, as well as boosting their libido and sexual stamina, creating fisex beasts. They’re something the world has never seen before. Watch as her unknowing test subjects grow and change, becoming bigger in all the right places, growing hungrier for passion and needing fulfillment. Meet Clyde, the horse, Bess, the bovine, Victor, the snake, Lizzy, the lizard, and Kris, the fox, as each finds themselves in new and unexpected ways, discovering a whole new primal side to their own natures. What sort of passions will arise? What will become of them? How far will Dr. Doe go in her research? Whatever the answers, it’s going to be a wild ride– are you ready?

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