Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins

A shooting star creates a world of giantesses.


A shooting star enters Earth’s atmosphere.  However it is not an ordinary shooting star.  The meteoroid trails a unknown type of radiation that will rewrite the human genome forever.  Kai, a simple NASA intern, notices the strange properties of the shooting star while others fail to do so.  Even if they did, it wouldn’t change the upcoming events.  The story then cuts to a mall as it prepares for a massive sale.  Lori can’t stand journalism when it comes to such mundane topics.  She wishes that something big will happen.  Little does she know her wish is about to be granted.  Meanwhile, a college couple decides to have sex in the changing rooms.   To Shelly’s boyfriend’s dismay, she starts to grow.  The fitting room is way too small to contain her ever expanding body and libido.  It is only a matter of time before she breaks out and Lori gets the story of a lifetime…

Official Publisher's Review

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins is based off a reader’s request.  The story is full of sex, breast expansion, and giantess growth that Bo Saget is known for.  The story draws inspiration from Bo Saget’s previous works such as Above the Law and PMD when it comes to the breast expansion and growing themes.  Bo also took inspiration from other author’s works like Blowing Up More Than Photographs to create a believable and sexy giantess MILF.   Wish Upon a Star: Giant World Begins serves as an origin story of a world where women are much taller than men.  In this world, there is plenty of room to expand to different plot threads of people’s lives within the giantess world that has not been explored in the origin story.

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