New Heaven: My Giant Stepmom

A step mom's relationship with her step son goes to a whole new level!


It was a day like any other, or so he thought. His step-mom and sister are moving in with him and his dad. That night though, something unexplained happens. His step mom and sister grow to giant sizes! His step-mom being the biggest! The next morning he experiences his new giant step family. How will he ever react?

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The New Heaven universe keeps on expanding. This time we visit the story of Harry, another simple guy affected by the magical wish that changed the world forever in the previous series. After all the women in the world inexplicably grew overnight, Harry was one of the few to not get his mind wiped out and forget about the old world. The new giantess world struck him hard, and how could it not? His stepmom became a horny giantess and his dad was not exactly around to please the eager Titaness. Can Harry survive his first day in the New Heaven with his giant stepmom?

This new spin-off features plenty of giantess growth, breast expansion, ass growth, size comparison, and of course a lot of sex, that viewers are sure to enjoy! Make sure to read the previous series if you haven’t already:

The New Heaven
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  1. I’ve bought all the episodes, except the latest. How do I buy the latest one?? This new interface sucks! I might just stop buying any of your content.

  2. Is there a way to make suggestions for the site, like an email address to discuss possible improvements. I would like to see this site continue but it does not offer the same content that most of us are used to. That being said, not everything is forever but at least we could improve the stories, art, and interface. Thanks, Jhon.

  3. The last chapter is excellent, growing milf moms are wonderful, the city scenes including huge milfs are very good, I wish we had more of this world and more of huge sexy milfs 😉

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