Hunting for Bigfoot COMIC


Four friends travel to a scenic forest for some photo work. One member, Naomi, pleads that they only stay for one night. She has to keep secret the fact that at night, she turns into a giantess until she cums! After performing her nightly routine, she leaves behind a pretty big piece of evidence, her giant footprint! The jealous member of the group, Sam, mistakes this as a footprint of the elusive bigfoot. To the dismay of Naomi, Sam urges everyone to stick around until they find the urban legend in order to make a ton of cash!


This first issue places more into setup, but the giantess scene in this one is pretty fun! I especially like the small focus on giantess foot fetish this comic will bring in. Just because it’s more setup does not make it bad! There’s an air of mystery and suspense that makes me eagerly await the next issue!

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