Already stressed about her wedding day, an allergic reaction to wildflowers gives bride-to-be Carrie a more gigantic problem.


Carrie is stressed out about her Swedish wedding, but her husband-to-be (Doug) and their friends (Iggy and Robin) are eager to help things run smoother. When Customs holds up the flowers, Doug and Iggy have locally grown wildflowers picked and used. Carrie has a violent allergic reaction in the middle of the wedding that causes her to grow into a giantess. Can her friends bring her back to normal before Carrie’s war with the superstitious Swedish locals goes too far? Find out in “Bridezilla!”

Official Publisher's Review

The Giantess Club is pleased to bring you the second giantess comic from lauded adult comic writer, TJ Hunter! With “Bridezilla” we follow an American couple and their friends in Sweden as they work to figure out Carrie’s (the bride-to-be) giantess transformation and how to reverse it before things go too far out of hand. A fun and crazy story of friendship and determination, “Bridezilla” is a story of love, acceptance, and being there for your friends when the chips are down. No matter if you like weddings or not, give the zany “Bridezilla” story a shot!

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