Planet Lust

With the world overrun by pandemic bimbos, a handful of college students will try to survive the sexy onslaught.


When the world turns into chaos, overrun by the pandemic of a bimbo virus, four college students do their best to survive by barricading themselves within their own dorm building. Living in isolation isn’t easy, and for the past several months they’ve been on their own, trying to make the best of it. Just outside is an endless swarm of sexy women, consumed by lust and the need for passion. Emotions run high. Cabin fever sets in. When all hell breaks loose, it’s the toughest challenge these college students will have to face. Can they survive without succumbing to their own hidden desires? Can they survive without becoming part of Planet Lust?

Official Publisher's Review

Welcome to Planet Lust, where lust-hungry bimbos rule the Earth. Every page of this issue is stuffed full of beautiful babes, sex-hungry sluts, and tantalizing transformations. Stuck in the middle of it all, our heroes struggle to survive, dueling not only the swarms of bimbos but also their hidden desires deep within. Can they survive the night when all hell breaks loose? What unexpected challenges await them? How jaw-dropping and sloppy will things become for our desperate survivors? Find out for yourself in this sexy spectacle! Witness Planet Lust for yourself!

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