Bessy’s Acres

When Samantha attempts to earn some college credit as a farmhand, things quickly spiral out of control.


Samantha is traveling upstate to earn some extra college credits at a summer internship. It’s nothing she’s not used to before, and things seem normal enough as rolling green hills pass her by. But along the way, she meets the overly-bubbly and friendly Izzy, who just can’t wait to get started. Much to Samantha’s annoyance, Izzy is intent on staying close and continually expressing her excitement. Together, the two of them find themselves starting mischief, sneaking away at night to taste the sweet milk of the surreal cow-women who inhabit the farm. But what the girls don’t know is that the unpasteurized milk is addictive and contains transformative properties, changing them with each and every sip.

Official Publisher's Review

Partially inspired by R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” books, this is a story full of mischievousness and transformation. Bessy’s Acres is a typical American farm, full of beautiful green scenery and wide open spaces– but with one surreal exception. Instead of producing livestock, this unique place specializes in a very particular milk: cow-women’s. Happily raised and bred here, cow-women enjoy a life of luxury and comfort with all of their whims tended to.

But Bessy, the owner, can’t do it all herself, and subsequently invites college interns every summer to visit and help for credits. But when two of this year’s interns disobey her *first rule* of not consuming any of the cow-women’s unpasteurized milk, they find themselves becoming addicted and transforming with each and every sip, corrupted further and further. Together, the two interns will never be the same again, forever changed by the sweet taste of Bessy’s Acres. Full of beautiful imagery and changes, this is a story sure to make you thirsty for more!

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