Pink Palace – Lapdance

Three friends venture inside a luxurious gentlemen's club filled with more than just beautiful curves. Welcome to Pink Palace


Welcome to the Pink Palace, where all of your secret fantasies come true! Busty strippers, specialty drinks, and nonstop entertainment. If that isn’t enough, there are surprises and hidden secrets around every corner just waiting to be discovered. This is far from any ordinary gentleman’s club.

So in order to help ring in the new year, Mike and Penelope decide to drag their best friend Greg along and try to cheer him up after a messy breakup. Like the good friends they are, they’re committed to helping him rediscover his happiness and start the new year right. Little do they know what magical mysterious awaits their friend inside– This trio of friends may discover more than they bargained for!.

Official Publisher's Review

We are proud to present this new comic by the author Blue! If some of you are wondering who he is, don’t worry, you will find out very soon!

In this new One Shots series we will meet the Pink Palace for the first time, a very special place where you can enjoy and discover all kinds of kinky transformations. And in this initial glimpse we are going to find a very dirty, fun and jaw-dropping style of dancing. What kind of secrets can a simple busty-bimbo dancers hide? A drink designed by themselves? A magic ass that can turn anything into an object of pleasure? You’ll have to read it on your own to find out the truth!

You can’t miss the beginning of one of the most desired places in all Botcomics, welcome to Pink Palace!.

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