Melaina Haven

Melaina Haven is far from your typical high school librarian. There’s never been a more lustful or corrupting cougar.


Melaina Haven. She’s the school librarian everyone’s talking about. She does as she pleases, and makes no apologies for it. Parents are worried about her. Students want to get with her. Teachers want to *be* her. Everywhere she goes, heads turn in her direction. With a killer combination of curves, attitude, and charisma, no one is immune to her charms. That goes double for the high school seniors, who pray for the day they become legal and eligible for her– good graces. There are rumors about how she “congratulates” seniors for passing grades, resulting in record high exam scores.

Playing a strategic game of cloak and dagger with the education board, she’ll risk everything to get what she wants: a brand new bigger set of tits. I mean, really big ones! Ones that can rival her arch-nemesis, the slutty Mrs. Stocking, and put her in her place. To her, everything is fair game, and damned be the consequences. Bigger boobs, here she comes!

Official Publisher's Review

School’s in session. Written specifically for readers who like their women a little older, a little mischievous, and a lot more wild, this first issue of Melaina Haven is sure to make your heart throb and fantasies ignite. It’s a love letter to forbidden youthful cravings. (You know exactly which ones we mean.) With a quick pacing that dives right into the action, this first issue serves as a crash course for all the excitement yet to come. This cougar has an insatiable appetite that just can’t be matched, leaving you hungry for more. Melaina is warmly welcomed into the BotComics family, and we hope you enjoy her just as much as we do! Enjoy!

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