Atmospheric Conditions

In a remote region of space, the crew of Eve-1 finds atmospheric conditions making their space epic even bigger.



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Leaving the final light-jump of a six month long journey to a remote region of space, the crew of the Eve-1 encounters more than a few mysteries and some unexpected problems. Captain Kendra Powers has led the all-female ship to join with the Adam-1, and all male ship sent to scout and set up a colony on Strider 3, one of the life-supporting moons of a giant dead world in the Lilyputian system of the universe.

This system, so named due to the size of the solar system in relation to the size of their soon to be earth inhabitants, is hiding a secret. The Adam-1 has been out of contact with earth for four months and atmospheric conditions are believed to be at fault. What begins as an epic space journey to colonize a far off moon quickly turns into an epic journey through the passion of growth as the atmosphere does much more than just block communications.

As soon as the Eve-1 sets down, crew and passengers begin slowly discovering that there is more hiding in the swirling green mist outside than they could imagine, and the action only grows from there.

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