Island Paradise

Adrift in the ocean, a couple lands on a tropical island where the natives show them the joy of swinging and BE!


Married couple Kevin and Patty are on a cruise ship for their vacation but through a few unfortunate events they end up adrift in a lifeboat! Luckily they end up on a tropical island where they meet the friendly natives who are willing to help the couple with anything they need be it fresh water, food, sunburn relief, and even sex! Until it’s safe to navigate the ocean waters, the couple learn more about the native’s ways including the women who can grow their breast size at will and the men can do the same with their penises! After getting a taste of ‘jungle fever,’ will this couple ever return to their homeland? Find out this and more within ‘Island Paradise!’

Official Publisher's Review

The hits keep on coming as we’re pleased to bring you the eleventh breast expansion series from lauded adult comic writer, TJ Hunter! With “Island Paradise” we follow a couple who are accidentally abandoned by their cruise ship and end up on a tropical island. The couple ends up in wacky adventures while learning more about themselves and their secret desires. If you like fun stories with adventure, sex, and BE with a vanilla and ebony swirl, “Island Fantasy” is for you!

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