Grow Cookies: The PTA Meeting

Spice up any PTA meeting with some Grow Cookies. Eat responsibly!


All the drama comes out during PTA meetings. Who has the best kids, who bake the best cookies, who’s always late? Well, one mom is sick of it, and she’s not gonna take it anymore! Pushed by her Stepford-wife rival, our main lady decides to take matters into her own hands. People are tired of her baking? Try some Grow Cookies. Soon the entire auditorium is full of growing and fucking parents. Even the most tightly wound ones will have trouble keeping their lust contained as they outgrow their surroundings.

Official Publisher's Review

The first of many upcoming side-stories of the original Grow Cookies. This one follows the Mom as she decides to treat her rival to a humiliating growth sequence in front of the entire neighborhood. But when that plan backfires and everyone is enamored with the woman’s growth, our heroine takes matters into her own hands, showing everyone what real growth looks like!

This story gets to the point almost immediately. We watch the women unknowingly start to grow until they’re impossible to ignore! Size comparison is a focus for the GTS/BE, and the rivalry of the two moms is front and center eventually leading to some building-destroying fun. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you’d like to see more Grow Cookies side-stories!

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