Codename: G-Woman Bundle COMIC


Enjoy the re-edited version of Codename: G-Woman plus G-Woman The Femme Alliance in this gigantic Bundle. The story begins with Gail Parker, writing her memoirs of the events that led to her current situation. Today she is a giant. Read how she has sex with her ​​boyfriend and, in a an excessive orgasm, transforms into a giantess. Ceilings will break, walls will collapse. Gail’s growth is unstoppable. Gail Parker is enlarged without knowing why. From there her life changes completely. She is pursued by the army as she desperately flees. What are their intentions? Why was she turned into a giant? Who is behind her transformation?

You’ll get 60 re-edited pages of Codename: G-Woman + 60 pages (40 published+20 upcoming) of G-Woman The Femme Alliance with new and exciting characters.

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