A college student Dan is working in demolition over the summer, when helping tear down an old house he finds a sealed box hidden in a wall. Sneaking it home with him he finds it contains a stash of decades old bubble gum. Looking it up he finds this brand was recalled in the 1950’s due to undisclosed reasons. He does find though that there are people looking for this gum online while looking it up. Figuring he can make a profit from this he sets up a sale for the gum online and heads to take a shower.

His roommate Frank not knowing any of this sees the gum and snags some of it as he is always stealing food and other items from his roommate. He shares it with his girlfriend and buddies while out.

The girlfriend is the first to try a stick, and compliments the flavor, chewing and blowing bubbles while they drive to the mall. The others in the car decide to try some as well on the drive. Frank driving only notices what is happening to them once they arrive. Can’t figure out the cause until he observes the effect of his girlfriend blowing a large bubble has. He realizes it’s the gum but none of them can seem to bring themselves to spit it out. In the end four giggling blond bimbo’s chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles are seen shopping in the mall.

Ending scene is Dan seeing the bids on the few sticks he put online being quite high deciding he’s curious as to how good this gum must be for people to offer so much money for it, decides he can afford to try just one stick and pops one in his mouth and begins to blow a bubble.

Effects of the gum: a girls breasts grow larger corresponding to the size of the bubble. If the chewer pops the bubble they reabsorb the most of the intelligence it was filled with and their breasts shrink back, if someone else pops it they permanently lose a large amount of intelligence and their breasts remain enlarged.

If a man chews the gum the bubble first fills with their masculinity, then intelligence once they have fully become female

Anyone who starts chewing the gum feels compelled to blow bubbles.

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