Guaranteed as Advertised: Florence’s Tale

Florence, Jeremy and Mandy want to win an adult costume contest. They find costumes guaranteed to be most realistic ever.


Belle returns for her latest customers: Florence, Mandy and Jeremy. Determined to win an erotic costume competition, the three friends enter Belle’s Boutique looking for the perfect costumes.  When Mandy grows concerned that people will think she’s a fat cow, Jeremy jokingly suggest a cow costume, which Florence agrees to, as long as Mandy does, too. Promised that the costumes will be to most realistic ever and adding a cowboy outfit for Jeremy, three head off, not realizing just how much they’re going to grow to like the costumes. This story lends itself to the similar “Spells ‘R Us” universe but with a softer atmosphere. Much like Fahzbehn’s other stories in this universe, there’s a cute twist and, ultimately, a happy trio.

Official Publisher's Review

Florence and Mandy are trying to find costumes to win an erotic cosplay contest. They go into Belle’s Boutique, dragging Jeremy along with them.  Mandy comments that people are just going to think she’s a fat cow, at which point Jeremy jokingly points at the cow outfit. Florence says that she’ll go as a cow if Mandy does.  Buying a pair of cow girl outfits, and a cowboy outfit for Jeremy, the three friends set off.  When the girls put their costumes on, they slowly change into horny, busty, bootilicious cow girls before arriving at the convention.  Entering the contest, Florence and Mandy show why they’re Jeremy’s prize winning cow girls.

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