Guaranteed as Advertised – Elena’s Tale

Elena finds a bikini that gives her more bounce than she bargained for.


Having lost a bet with her best friend, Winston, Elena has to wear a bikini out to the beach this summer. For Elena, who is a classic tomboy with no curves to speak of, things couldn’t get worse. However, when she wears a bikini that’s guaranteed to give her the appearance she needs to make a big splash, she quickly finds herself growing larger in more ways that one.

Official Publisher's Review

The fifth short in Fahzbehn’s ongoing Guaranteed as Advertised series, this story revisits Belle’s Boutique once again to help a tomboy spark that interest in her long time friend and roommate. With visual puns and a splash of irony, this quick tale fits in with the rest of Fahzbehn’s quirky humor and expands a bit on where he usually grows a person. Much like his other stories, there’s a little bit of romance and a little bit of sex along with the growth everyone loves.

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