Tired of working at her family’s food truck, Ines wishes for fame and notoriety on television!


Ines struggles against her father’s expectations to run the family business when she has bigger dreams of becoming a famous TV star. To make matters worse, she’s really bad at running a successful food truck in the face of the growing competition! Taking solace in her favorite telenovela, Ines makes a wish for her life to change. Will her wish be granted? What’s the deal with that mysterious little frog statue on her nightstand?

Official Publisher's Review

In a fast-paced wish-fulfillment story, xCuervos brings us another fun and extended growth story driven by envy, with big results at the end. Ines is cute, with a spicy personality, and she’s easy to relate to in her desire for something greater than driving a food truck. This story doesn’t hold back on the Breast Expansion and the mini GTS growth.

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