BE Games

Bored and eager for some changes? BE Games is just the thing, you just might get more than you bargained for.


A group of friends– the nerdy couple Dante and Meera, the goth Frankie, and the athlete Laura are all hanging out on a Friday night. Fate strikes as they begin a game of BE Games. What starts out as a fun, flirtatious evening quickly escalates with growth fueled romantic intrigue. Dante quickly finds his hands literally and figuratively full as each girl begins to grow in a unique way. And with each turn on the board, a fiery secret is certain to emerge in the most explosive way possible. When all that matters is growing, nothing is off the table.

But just how far will this game take each of them? Will winning the game return things to normal? Do they even want it to return to normal?

Official Publisher's Review

Here’s another approach at the transformative boardgame trope. This time by the hands of the great Malekaya, the mind behind some great BotComics hits such as Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter, Collider: Heist, and many more!

Part Trouble, Part Jumanji, part raunchy hentai harem, BE Games brings together tons of fantasies all in a perfectly packaged chapter. You’ll find overflowing breasts everywhere, but also height growth, ass growth, female muscle growth, age change, mental shifts, lots oral sex, female on female action, and a grand finale orgy that will leave you begging for more.

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