Smart Girl

A scientist girl uses her knowledge to change her body's shape.


Emily is a young and bright scientist who starts to lose the love of her husband. So much so that one day she finds him masturbating to porn of a huge breasted girl. To recover their lost passion, she invents a nanobot capable of increasing the size of any part of her body… but with just one setback. She starts to lose control of herself in the process. A funny and sexy story about controlling the size of the body to relinquish forbidden pleasures of the mind. Take a deep dive into a New Bimbo Universe and get the Advantages of Being a Smart Girl!

Official Publisher's Review

What would happen if you could change any part of your body? Would you like more breast? A bigger butt? Longer legs? Yes, everything is possible, even enlarging “that” that you are thinking thanks to small nanobots that Emily created to recover the desire and passion of her husband, an earthly man willing to value a pair of breasts more than his wife.

But every time she changes something on her body, something happens in her mind and it’s not herself. From a brilliant scientist to a hot blonde with big hips willing to do anything for someone to calm her sexual desire, even if it’s not her husband.

As in “Pornstars go Bigger” the author GB brings us a fiery comedy about the consequences of modifying the body to be sexy than ever, all under the wonderful stroke of B.A. Ranni capable of making the most hottest changes in his character like they are wanting.



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Smart Girl (One-Shot)

A scientist girl uses her knowledge to change her body's shape.

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Emily has two bodies. One is her normal look; an intelligent girl with long straight hair. But since she doesn’t have time to use makeup she usually ties her hair up. She has average sized breasts and beautiful long legs. Her glasses hide her cute face.