Gloria Spells R Us: Pin-Up
Gloria’s lifelong dream was always the same, to be famous and beautiful so that everyone could see her, and now it’s a dream she’ll be able to live forever.


Spells R Us: Pin-Up #4

Vivian tries to slim down, but she makes a bargain with the wrong old man in a jar!

Spells R Us: Pin-Up #3

Gloria has really packed on the pounds. She's got a big photoshoot coming up, will she get her friend involved?

Spells R Us: Pin-Up #2

The magic camera makes Gloria bigger all over, but when will she stop using it?

Spells R Us: Pin-Up #1

A rockabilly model finds herself in possession of an enchanted camera that adds weight to its subjects with every photo.

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* Despite the fact that she is also a beautiful and intriguing woman herself, Janice has always been jealous of Gloria's wealth and beauty. How far will these feelings go?
Vivian is a Pin Up model like Gloria, but the difference is that her specialty may not be the same as Gloria's, at least not for now.

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